About Us

Our purpose is to give clients an outstanding service and peace of mind in a difficult time, to maximise the value of their personal belongings, that includes empathy, efficiency, respect and discretion so you can feel secure in the knowledge that we are Honestly Yours. whilst helping with your loved ones property and meaningful possessions. We ease the burden of addressing multiple details, possibly conflicting agendas and schedules.We will collaborate with appraisers, moving and storage companies, auction houses, dealers, collectors, thrift shops, charities and building managers.

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About Ann-marie

I am a woman in my late forties with two adult children. I have always had a love of people and have wanted to make the world a better place.
I found through my life that friends and strangers alike wanted to open up and talk to me and so I studied to be a counsellor. I have worked in this field for the past few years and enjoyed it.
I was married for 28 years until January 2016 when my husband was killed in a car accident. This of course has changed my world and it is now time for a new start.
When I lost my husband it made me realize how difficult it must be for people to do the mammoth task of sorting, clearing and cleaning all on their own.
This can be especially difficult if they have young families, work full time, or live in a different town to your loved one. Or do not have the support network that you definitly need at such a painful and stressful time.

With these needs firmly established in my heart I opened Honestly Yours Ltd. You can be rest assured as owner operator I understand fully the confusion of feelings, the stress involved and the grief you are going through at this time.
My main focus is to help lessen the pressure for you, free up your time so you are more able to concentrate on the healing process and allowing others to support you where most needed.